Oven, our new test app for Processing

We are launching our new test app that uses Processing. Processing is a tool for creative coders that helps developers to create applications in a really simple way. In Lhings, we wanted to join the huge community of Processing, so we made an example application that works like an oven, using processing libraries and Lhings Java Library.
To get started, you can download it here.
Lets have a look at how it works. When you launch your application, first thing you can see is the login screen.

Once you login, you will be able to visualize your new Oven device in your dashboard of Lhings. From your dashboard you will be able to manipulate your Virtual Oven. If you can’t see your device, please refer to our support site or write us an email. This is how your Virtual device should look like:

To test it, you can trigger the Action Bing that will play a sound. You can also set a temperature and a time and then trigger the LetsBake Action. Your application, the Virtual Oven, should start making noise and changing the display:

And that’s it! You have just added a virtual device!
For more updates, keep following the blog or Lhings’ site.