Access to Lhings is now Open!

Lhings Beta has been working for several months under a rigid access control in order to study its behavior and guarantee the best service. Now that we are confident in its solid base, we are ready to open it to anybody who wants to explore and enjoy the benefits offered by this connectivity tool.

Don’t you have a Lhings account yet? Well, then it’s time to SIGN UP and start connecting your first Device!

Connect your first Device: PlugLhings App

We prepared everything to make your first experience with Lhings as easy as possible and it has to be with your Smartphone! PlugLhings is a Mobile App that will let your Smartphone to connect to Lhings. It will be your first Device! So, your Smartphone will be able to send “Geofence” Events and receive “Notification” Actions.

In short, with PlugLhings App your Smartphone could order your Air Conditioner to turn on when approaching home or receive notifications when someone opens the door.

PlugLhings is now available for Android and iOS.

Try out the new features!

Lhings is full of new features to enhance the way you interact with your devices. The following is a highlight of the most exciting:

  • The new Alerts App will let your devices send email notifications when something important happens.
  • The user interface has been greatly improved and now is much more pleasant and usable.
  • For developers: Now you can store data from your devices in Lhings. It will be shown as a nice graph in your control panel!
  • For developers: the REST API has been greatly improved, with a lot of added features. Yes! The data of your devices can be accessed via API.
  • For developers: The documentation has been greatly improved. In any case contact us if something is not well explained.
  • Last but not least, several changes have been introduced to improve the overall performance of our servers. Faster Lhings.

What’s next?

There are many exciting features coming and new Lhings compatible products that will be available in the market to start building your own connected experiences.

Meanwhile, feel free to send us your feedback and help us to improve:

  • Let us know which Device you would be crazy to have.
  • Is there an App that you feel vital?
Enjoy Lhings!