Lhings, winner of the Oracle IoT Challenge

The Lhings team is very happy this week. We are one of the winners of the Internet of Things Developer Challenge sponsored by Oracle. This challenge awarded IoT projects demonstrating new and innovative ways of using Java Embedded that met a bussiness need. Lhings presented its project Connected Table which showcased how a shared working space, like an office, could benefit of IoT technologies by connecting its tables to the Internet.

This prize also means that Lhings will attend the Java One Conference, which will be held in late September in San Francisco. Java One is the biggest conference in the world related to Java technology, and Lhings will be there as the IoT cloud platform that supports Java Embedded for connecting devices.

Soon we will explain in detail, right here, how our connected table works. Meanwhile, you can get a taste of it viewing the video below. This project was developed using Lhings and is an example use case”. You can also create your own “Connected Table” using Lhings, just sign up at Lhings.com.

Special thanks to José Pereda, from the University of Valladolid, who worked hard and closely with Lhings team to make this happen.