Lhings Mobile App

Lhings Team has been working on a new app that allows you to interact with your devices using your mobile phone. Yeah, as you have just read, now with Lhings Mobile you will be able to view the status of your devices and control them from anywhere you are. You can download the app for iPhone/iPad here or for Android here.


Lets have a look at what we can do with this app. We have a gadget we use to control our lights, let’s call it Light Controller. It is connected to Lhings, so we can interact with it from anywhere. When you enter in Lhings Mobile, it shows you a list of all your devices, like this:


Lhings Mobile differentiates between online and offline devices. We will be able to interact only with those which are online.

By tapping on the device name, we access its control panel. The control panel shows us the current status of the device and all the actions we can perform with it. In the case of the Light Controller, we see it has 3 Actions to control each of the 3 lights, two in the bedrooms of Tom and Sam, and the third in the kitchen. Also, the status tells us if the lights are on or off.


So, in this image above we have the information related to our Light Controller. As you can see, our avalilable actions are called:

Bedroom Tom
Bedrom Sam
Kitchen (not shown)

If we want to turn on the light from Tom’s we just have to tap of the first action, “Bedroom Tom”, and it will take us to the bottom that we can trigger to turn on/off our light:


Once we press on the button, we get redirected back to the actions list and the status will be updated:


As you can see, its really intuitive and simple to control any device, from anywhere you are. Download the app, connect your devices to Lhings and start enjoying the benefits of the connected life!