New “Lhings Ready” product: The Thinker!

It’s our pleasure to show you some features of the The Thinker, a new “Lhings Ready” product which is an intelligent control host created by GeekLink. Claimed as the next generation universal remote for smart home, GeekLink has achieved a successful campaign in Kickstarter!


Behind the intelligent features of this product, it’s important to highlight its capacity of making other not-internet-connected products to be accessed remotely, even from your Smartphone. To be more specific, it acts as an universal remote. It could learn RF and IR codes in order to communicate with them and somehow link them to network and the cloud.

Fortunately, Geeklink has decided to include Lhings compatibility, as well as other cloud services as IFTTT. We are ansious to receive our first sample and make our air conditioner, an old model that works with an old remote, to be controlled directly from our Smartphone anywhere and play with other Lhings compatible products!

We hope you find this product interesting. We will keep you informed about other products and projects that are starting to use Lhings and get ready in the market.