Starting to build the Programmable World

Lhings beta has been released for makers!

This is a testing stage where makers and developers interested in using Lhings for their projects are helping us to improve and adapt the platform. As those are promising and visionary projects that rely on the Internet of Things to provide new services, we would like to make reference to the Wired article “Welcome to the Programmable World”.

According to the three stages described in the article to build the Programmable World, the first is getting more devices onto the network. For makers, though each day there are more connected devices available in stores, they prefer to build or adapt them to their needs. Last month we could experience that at first hand at the Mini Maker Faire Barcelona. It was the first maker faire in Spain and was organized by MOB who did a great job! There were really great projects which demonstrated that simple things could impress you by just adding a touch of creativity.

The second stage deals with device connectivity, where coordinated actions could be carried out without human intervention. This is precisely one of the most important constraints that makers and developers need to tackle in order to build their applications. In this context, Lhings is the solution they were looking for. From the feedback received so far from our beta testers, device discovery and action automation are the key features provided by Lhings which have helped them to build their applications. Then, they implement their own behavior to their system which is the third stage to build their own programmable world.

Do you have an interesting project? Does it need to connect devices and coordinate actions? Please, contact us!