Internet of Things – Our vision

The Internet of Things is growing faster and faster. Inherently, it represents innovation. It is considered one of the top technologies with the potential of generating worldwide impact.  New projects and prototypes are appearing constantly and well-known stores are starting to showcase Internet-connected products for consumers.

Although this seems to be a breakthrough technology, it is important to notice that connected devices and smart services are not new. There are many companies which have provided connectivity services to industry for years. Remote monitoring and maintenance are two applications that product manufacturers and consulting companies have focused their attention and knowledge.

At this point, however, the continued growth and popularity of the Internet of Things is less from high-tech advances and more due to the ease with which anyone can develop, build and use innovative applications and services. The appeal to end-users who don’t have deep technical knowledge is what makes the Internet of Things special and different. It breaks down barriers and, consequently, increases the number and utility of services.

Our vision is therefore focused in that direction. Lhings is the platform that will let you build and enjoy new Internet of Things applications, particularly those that connect devices and establish relationships among them “easily”.

A good example to our vision is presented in the video posted below from Ericsson Labs. More details about Lhings coming soon!