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Lhings at the IoT Event 2013

Lhings was present at the IoT Event held at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. As event partners, we presented a preview of our forthcoming Beta version, as well as a demo which allowed visitors to control and orchestrate actions of a set of inter-connected devices. It was a successful experience where visitors to our booth had the chance to interact and have fun.

In general, this demo presented simple examples which made use of the basic features of Lhings. Visitors could change colors of Hue light bulbs from Philips whenever they squeezed one of the Spöka lamps from Ikea, and at the same time trigger events to the WeMo Switch from Belkin to turn on a fan. What happened was up to each visitor, who could use Lhings to initiate a different series of interactions among the interconnected devices each time.

The IoT Event was a great experience that allowed meet enthusiastic passionate people like us interested in the Internet of Things, as well as companies working hard to create innovative services.

We would like to say thanks to everyone who visited our booth and had fun with our demo. We had a great time!